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“Rhizomes! Get ya rhizomes here!”

Seriously, if you don’t order your rhizomes now, you’ll kick yourself in April. MoreBeer just launched their 2017 pre-sale. Head over there and get your order in.


From the Vendor

The MoreBeer! 2017 Hop Rhizome Presale Has Begun!
Interested in growing your own hops? Well you can pre-order your hop rhizomes now, securing the varietals and quantities you’d like to grow this year!

We have rhizomes available for those homebrewing fans who not only prefer to brew their own beer, but who like the idea of literally “building their beer from the ground up” by harvesting their own hops. Rhizomes can be grown in just about any climate, producing hops the very first year, with more to follow each year after. Choose from multiple different rhizome varietals, each which has its own unique characteristics. For example, the Columbus Rhizome grows best in hot, dry climates. The pleasant, citrus-like Cascade Rhizome is suitable for all climates. And the Golding Rhizome is best suited for mild, moist climates and is a great hop for English ales.

Our rhizomes are available for pre-order, however we do not receive them until they are healthy and have been harvested from the farms. This timeframe varies from year to year, based off of the health of the rhizomes, the weather, temperature, etc. We usually receive them by mid-April, and once we do, we immediately ship them to you!


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